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Thank you for stopping by after listening to me on Tonya Hofmann’s Virtual Health, Wealth, Happiness Summit!  Trust you had as much fun as I did……

As discussed there is a way to detect the root cause of problems at an energetic level within seconds & get amazing clinical results with ground-breaking remote scan technology.


Place your hand on a scanner and let the NES ProVision software ‘see the unseen’.  Learn how cutting-edge science can help you to look beyond symptoms and see the whole picture – health & wellbeing is no longer a puzzle.
Discover 150 different test results in seconds!!!

I’m excited for you that you are interested in identifying any energy blocks in the information flow of your human body field.

Mary’s Summit Special $147 special/ Regularly $397

Get a Total Body Scan to identify blocks in your energy field.

YES! I want to clear the blocks in my field.  I’d like to pay now and schedule my scan.

Here’s your $147 Introductory Offer link

After payment here is the link to schedule your scan.
Please keep the appointment link handy as I might not have linked my pages correctly.   🙂 Mary

Full Body Scan Appointment Booking Link

I look forward to guiding you to better health, wealth and happiness!
Till next time…BE WELL!