I decided to wait for the right timing so that the words would flow smoothly and quickly with the ability to convey my thoughts, and today just happened to be the day that I felt inspired to write about intentions.  And it is no coincidence that I read, with interest, an interview with Joe Vitale (author of Spiritual Marketing) and found some words that expressed what I wanted to convey.  Joe has a quote, “Everything that happens in your life happens because of the magnet in you.”  I equate that quote with the ‘Law of Attraction’.

How badly do you feel if you set forth a goal or a dream with respect to your life’s desires or health, and it doesn’t come true?  Every time you revisit that goal or dream in your mind that hasn’t come true it has the potential to weigh you down energetically.  It has added clutter to your mind and body and that creates negativity.  So I offer you a more effective approach since the role of the mind in health is often ignored or underrated by Western medicine.

In ‘Energy Medicine’ by Donna Eden she writes, “Your body minds your mind, responding to what you feel, think, and want.  But if your mind does not mind your body — if your will, intention, and actions are not aligned with your body’s requirements — you pay a toll in health and happiness.”  So I propose the following, what if you set forth the most basic change (intention) that will help you?  For example some ideas with respect to health are:  “my body is strong”, “my immune system is magnificent”, “my heart functions efficiently, “my broken leg is healing”, “my breathing is improving.”

The above intentions are a more expansive thought process.  If you wanted you could even break up your day into segments, and do what is know as segment intending.  I read an interview with Joe Vitale, author of ‘Spiritual Marketing’ and before his interview this was his intention, “I had the intention that I was going to give an inspiring, informative, articulate, up-beat conversation with you, that you and I would have a great time doing this, and that the people who listen to it down the road will learn something that will make a massive difference in their lives – they’ll get more of what they want, they’ll be happier in each moment, something will shift for them in a wonderful way.”  He goes on to state that “I set that as an intention, but I didn’t go and map out, ‘Well, I’ve got to make sure I say this, I’ve got to make sure I answer a question in this particular way, and there’s really this quote – I’ve got to make sure I say this quote.  I didn’t do any of that.  Out of my intention for where I want to go, a lot of these other things will just bubble up.”  This was Joe’s ‘intention’ for the interview, which was a very small part of his day.

So how might you reframe your ‘intentions’?   

Mary Kraemer, RN is an author, speaker, and consultant specializing in the area of health and wellness.  Her expertise lies in holistic integration and energy exchange.

Mary wrote ‘Healing is an Inside Job’, which combines Western medicine and Eastern philosophies by empowering others to discover how to accelerate your body’s rate of healing and recovery.  Mary travels the nation speaking on such topics as mind-body-energy integration for healing, stress management, and self empowerment strategies.