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‟I admire you for what you are doing and having the courage, insight, talent and creativity to step beyond nursing and help people heal in a much broader sense”.

Sharon Steele, RN, BSN

‟Since you gave me that wonderful ‘insight into myself’ talk, I’ve followed my heart, did the WORK (research, signed on incredible teachers, marketing, etc.) to open the first Alive & Well, Center for Yoga and Positive Living Programs”.

Barbara Badolati

“We talked all the way home about how grateful we are to you for all that you gave us.  I honestly don’t know if I am more excited about your business help or the personal intuitive information I received.  I’m tickled pink!”

Jan Waddell, Pure Reiki

“Mary helped me to create pathways out of disorganization and frustration. Meeting Mary and meeting a higher level of inner clarity are one in the same.”

Gregory Gounah

“Mary has the gift of transformative communication.”

Lauren Holmes, Anthropologist/Futurist and Author of ‘Peak Evolution'

“Mary taught me a technique to see the end result, I did, and I won.” 

Linda Murphy, golf tournament champion, Los Colinas Country Club, Irving, TX

“I had an injury and was due to compete in an important competition.  I consulted with Mary Kraemer to do some energy healing on my ankle.  She also taught me to visualize the desired end result for the competition.  With a physically intact body, and a lot of determination, we won!!!

Jackson of ‘Monica and Jackson’, 2004 Couples Fear Factor Champions