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Energize &


Think Yourself to Health, Happiness, and Wealth

A thought + an affirmation + an action + an intention + an emotion = a manifestation


So be careful what you wish for

The results may be positive or negative!

Mary can help you on the path towards a healthier happier life.

Taking you from where you are ….. to where you want to be, from the inside out.

words picTypically a client hires a coach in order to accomplish something  that they have been unable to accomplish alone.  The way to accomplish any result is this:

* clarify what you are trying to do
* take action
* feel the emotions
* learn how to do what you know you need to do
* develop a partnership< What most people don't realize is that they have inner conflicts that actually funnel their energy away from what they want  through fear, stress, struggle, the 'words they say', the 'thoughts they think', and the associated 'emotions'.  As a result we hold ourselves back from our brilliance.  


Mary assists you to accelerate the achievement of your personal and professionals goals, live your dreams, and create more joy on a daily basis. 

No matter what’s happening in a person’s life, whether it be positive or negative, the body has stored the information somewhere.  I intuitively help you find where your body has stored that information and help you to release the emotional attachment that the situation has caused; which then brings about improved physical health, a sense of peace, prosperity, and a richer fuller life.  True prosperity is when your inner and outer worlds are balanced.

What can partnering with Mary do for you?

  • Assist you to accelerate the achievement of your personal and professional goals, live your dreams, and create more joy on a daily basis/li>
  • Align your mind, body, emotions, and soul
  • Experience transformation, instead of just talking about it
  • Help you to recognize your achievements
  • Maximize your performance and potential
  • Maintain balance between your personal & professional life
  • Enhance self-awareness and inner wisdom
  • Find clarity and purpose instead of confusion/li>
  • Honor your inner wisdom
  • Exponentially increase your ‘intentional’ energy
  • Accelerate your personal evolution

Mary’s teachings have enriched many lives.  She meets you where you are and guides you to where you want to be.  Her methods encourage, coach, and help you to become clear about what you want and to create it using the Universal Laws of Attraction.  Her goal is to help make your desire a reality.  Through personal exploration she helps you to be guided by and trust your higher self.

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Mary Kraemer

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