Ease holiday ‘drama’ & ‘dysfunction’ with the Holiday Survival Sets

We’ve all been there at one time or another having experienced anger, fear, frustration, difficult people, the condescending relative, and/or office gossip.  Dealing with ‘drama’ and ‘dysfunction’ during the Holidays is just exhausting.


Ohhh and let’s not forget the dizzying array of parties, shopping, luncheons, dinners, and the added expenses that go along with these holiday activities.


So if you, or someone you, know has been stressed in holidays past I’d like to introduce you to the Holiday Survival Infoceutical Set by NES Health, Energy for Life.


The Holiday Infoceutical set consists of 5-Feel Good Infoceuticals.

ESR * Fat Met * Peace * Chill * Love
Use with Spring Water

What are Infoceuticals? Infoceuticals help to restore the body’s balance, information, and energy flow.

Infoceuticals support the body’s energy and information flow with our range of solutions imprinted with proprietary bio-information. Each of our solutions is imprinted a specific bio-information. Their success lies in perfectly matching to a specific organ, system or sub-system of the body through our cutting-edge imprinting technology developed exclusively at our R&D center.

The remedy lies in the imprinted information. Infoceuticals contain filtered water and plant-derived micro-minerals. These micro-minerals are the substance imprinted with the corrective bio-information.

The imprinted information is immediately absorbed and the Infoceutical then interacts directly with the Body-Field.
Take your power back NOW and become a conscious creator of your Holidays by activating your Body’s Healing Potential using NES Health Infoceuticals.

Regularly $175
Holiday Special $149 + shipping/handling and tax where applicable
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Cough Cold and Flu


Regularly $105      Holiday Special  Now $89 + shipping/handling and tax where applicable

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