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We Are in an ERA of Super Stress!!!

The #1 cause of increased healthcare premiums is STRESS.

The cost of stress to business is over $300 billion annually.

Lost productivity due to common pain conditions costs employers over $60 billion annually.

Antidepressant use has skyrocketed 400% in the last two decades.

American companies loose a whopping $6.8 billion lost productivity every year due to marital distress.

Solve these issues so they don’t cost you your

The thoughts we think and the words we say, influence the outcome of your personal and professional health, wealth, and wellness. Transform stress into success.

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Don’t put a ‘band-aid’ on top of problems. 

There is a relationship that has formed with stress and a positive outcome would be to get to the ‘root of the problem’ as well as the ‘stress culture’ within an organization.  There is an energy to stress, and it permeates like wildfire and oftentimes takes on a life of it’s own.

Using her intuitive strategies, Mary helps your organization and employees to:

  • be mindful
  • reduce workplace stress & strains
  • discover and dissolve blockages to health
  • emotionally release chronic conditions
  • increase manifestations
  • prevent body breakdown as you build your business
  • release clients/relationships that are draining (you know the one’s sucking the living life out of you!)
  • heal faster after surgery / injuries
  • maintain your power and not give it away
  • make decisions from a place of ‘strength’, not fear
  • treasure being BOLD, Beautiful and Brilliant!

What could happen to your bottom line if you
alleviated these common stress-induced symptoms?

Weight gain
Decreased confidence
Neck, shoulder, back pain
Lack of energy
Excess mind chatter

Difficulty sleeping
Upset stomach
Decreased productivity
Difficulty concentrating
Increased respiratory conditions

Services to assist your transformation:

Private Sessions
Speaking Engagements
Wellness Retreats
Power Breakfasts
Executive Roundtables
1/2 & full day Corporate Events
Nurse continuing education workshops

Some Organizations Mary has Impacted:

For more information, schedule a session, speaker request, or register for a class please contact Mary at:  888-214-5023 or